Harvard Law School and University of Cambridge J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree Program

The Harvard Law School and University of Cambridge J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree Program enables Harvard J.D. Candidates to earn a Cambridge LL.M. And a Harvard J.D. In a total of three.Five years.

Students decided on for this system spend their 3L 12 months in Cambridge and are eligible to receive the Cambridge LL.M. At the quit of the year upon correctly completing all LL.M. Diploma requirements. Students additionally concurrently acquire a semester’s credit score toward their HLS J.D. This approach that with one additional semester returned at Harvard after their Cambridge look at (i.E., a complete of 3.5 instructional years), they’ll have earned both a Harvard J.D. And a Cambridge LL.M. The HLS college students are the most effective LL.M. Students at Cambridge who are not required to have a J.D. Or equivalent degree previous to enrollment.

The University of Cambridge is renowned for the llm degree distinguished individuals of its faculty, a lot of whom are stated professionals of their precise fields. Cambridge is also home to some of studies facilities, consisting of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, which give lecture collection and other activities to reinforce studies.

Many HLS college students who examine for his or her Cambridge LL.M. Recognize the distinctive method to learning law and value the possibility to conduct unbiased research round their unique regions of hobby. The program can provide specially beneficial training for those considering pursuing more in-depth instructional paintings. The HLS-Cambridge J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree Program also advantages college students inquisitive about learning approximately British or European regulation with an eye to practicing in Europe or for a transatlantic company.

Up to six Harvard 2Ls are decided on yearly to spend their 3L yr studying for the LL.M. Diploma in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The admissions manner starts with an application thru HLS in January of the candidate’s 2L yr and ends with a choice by means of Cambridge in early spring for matriculation at Cambridge the following fall.

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Timeline Considerations
Harvard University awards degrees 3 instances yearly — in March, May, and November. All Harvard University colleges are required to observe this calendar. Students who are scheduled to complete their very last HLS semester inside the fall can count on to acquire their levels in March. The only diploma ceremony is in May, and March diploma recipients are welcome to attend the rite inside the May following the crowning glory in their tiers.

J.D./LL.M. Alumni have stated that the extra time has, in lots of cases, been beneficial to their careers. Students have used that time to have a look at for the bar, adopt a clerkship, engage in a fellowship or research, or travel. Several students utilized the additional time to study and take a seat for the California bar in addition to the New York bar; another completed a clerkship with the South African Constitutional Court.

HLS college students have a tendency to record that the LL.M., and the attendant realignment in their employment, is either an asset or no longer a element in acquiring employment. Many employers appreciate the scholar’s more instructional schooling as well as the truth that they have received an additional summer time’s worth of labor revel in. They have now not pronounced encountering any problems in lining up employment even though they finished their work at HLS in December in preference to in May. Students who had been positioned in the identical cohort as their original magnificence file a steeper, even though profitable, studying curve.

Students who’re thinking about how the HLS-Cambridge J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree Program might fit in with a activity search can contact Marjorie Lichtenberger in the Office of Career Services or Catherine Pattanayak in the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising. OCS and OPIA advisors also are capable of recommend college students by using telephone, e mail, or Skype throughout their studies abroad. As nicely, all OCS packages are made to be had with the aid of webcast or podcast.

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